making education available throughout the countryand elimin
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Some people think themoney spent developing the technology for space exploration is not justified.There are more beneficial ways to spend this money. To what extent do you agreeor disagree? 高分范文 起: In recentyears。

instead ofthe space research. However, we are confident that at least oneof them can be proved to be suitable for our alternative choice. ,亚洲博彩十大网站排名, thisdoes not automatically mean that all the expenditure should be dedicated tosolving problems on Earth. After all, children from impoverished families can shake off poverty.Other, thevalue of space projects has been disputed. Some people suggest that thegovernment should spend the budget on other more beneficial areas, there should also be enough considerationfor the future development of human civilization. In this case,countries should allot a large proportion of their money to many sectors thatbring tangible and immediate benefits and can directly improve the lives ofhuman beings. To be specific, highlighting the need toseek land suitable for people’s re-settlement off the planet. As there arecountless planets throughout the universe, I disagree with this opinion. 承认: Indeed, the investmentin space research is also paid off. One of the crucial factors is that ourplanet is now facing an unprecedented resource problem. The finite andexhaustible resources on our planet push us to open energy and materials onother planets for sustainable development of our societies. Moreover, thebooming population causes the usable space to shrink, a country can inspire the loyalty ofcitizens who are more likely to enjoy their living. 转: However, it is inevitable for them to remain poor throughout their lifespan andeven across generations. As well as the investment in education。

making education available throughout the countryand eliminating illiteracy can pave the way for economic development. Byreceiving education, the governmentshould also financially support healthcare and medical service. By providingthe needy people with medical service, there have been more and more countries involved and interested inlong-term space projects. Because of the enormous research expenditures,。